BPD Neighborhood Stats & Resources

Listed below the past 30 days of part one crimes, officers proactivity in the area, and crime prevention tips provided from Baltimore City Police Department Southwest Precinct. They said to let them know if you all have any questions or concerns.

Part #1 Crimes: 4

  1. 8/31/21   @ 8am in the 3400 Blk of Violetville Ln, Auto Theft (Comp believed they dropped their keys / The vehicle was later recovered) 
  2. 9/15/21   @ 9am in the 3600 Blk of Coolidge Ave, ( A Wallet was taken from a vehicle)
  3. 9/18/21    @ 11am in the 3600 Blk of Greenvale Rd, Aggravated Assaualt (Domestic incident)
  4. 9/24/21    @6pm    in the 3500 Blk of Coolidge Ave,  Auto Theft

Officers Proactivity:

  1. Business checks: 137
  2. Car stops: 12
  3. Directed patrols & foot: 65
  4. Warrant Turn-ups: 15

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