We're working on a lot of projects in the neighborhood! If you'd like to donate to our community projects you've come to the right place!

You can designate your donation to go to our current projects:

New Violetville Signs Fund

Our signs are falling apart and 1 is missing. This will go towards the cost of the creation and installation of new signs.

Current Funding: 33% Complete

Violetville Events Fund

Everyone likes a good party! We definitely need more of them. Donating to our events fund will allow us to throw some awesome parties IN Violetville for our neighbors.

V.O.V. Charity Fund

As you know, 501(c)3 filing is pricey BUT once we have it we'll be eligible to apply for non-profit grants. There are some amazing event, special project and charity grants that will help us do more once we're eligible.

Neighborhood Beautification Fund

We noticed several neighborhoods sprucing up the appearance of their neighborhood. The beautification fund will go towards making Violetville beautiful! Paint, Flowers, Cleaning supplies

General Fund

The general fund is for meeting costs such as: printing, mailing, treats and other meeting costs.

If you'd like to donate click the donate button and select your project (receipts will be emailed) >>>

Check Out Our Overall Fundraising Progress

Violetville Sign Fund

We have raised enough to replace our first sign!!!  Total goal is for all three signs including installation fees (taxes not included)

Events Fund

501(c)3 Non-Profit Filing Fund

Beautification Fund

General Fund

Village of Violetville, Inc. is a  TAX-EXEMPT NONSTOCK CORPORATION in the State of Maryland (ID Number: D19741974) as of June 19th, 2019.