Seton Keough/MRP Industrial Results

11/12/2020 Update:

Hi Everyone,
If you missed the meeting Monday, here are the meeting dates for the MRP Industrial Open Houses.

Starting now Village of Violetville, Inc. will be handing off the process to the companies, individual residents, and our City Council representatives. 

Village of Violetville, Inc. will continue to share information we receive to keep everyone informed. So we encourage everyone to join these meetings to understand the project, ask questions, and participate in the survey that follows.

We trust all of our neighbors to make their own decision because we all have different perspectives. This process and the survey that will follow will assist the city in making the final decision. We will not be deciding on the project independently. Instead, this is a new democratic process where everyone gets a seat at the table. 

The process of rezoning was never in our mission statement and something that popped up. We realized that the developer SHOULD do this kind of outreach to every resident, for every development across the city. Every resident in Morrell Park, Violetville, and Wilhelm park received a mailer to their home. This is a good thing! There may be some people who may not be able to make our meetings due to work or other reasons, that can still be involved and informed through the mail!

We have learned a LOT about this process and it has helped us refocus on why we all got involved with Village of Violetville, Inc.
We’re happy to get back to our community building efforts and focus on our neighborhood goals. 

If you’d like more information on the project, timeline, jobs, traffic study, history, and more visit:

Also feel free to contact them and your City Council representative with your thoughts and concerns:


Thank you to everyone who took the time to vote in our survey and gave their valuable feedback.  When Village of Violetville, Inc. got started we didn’t realize that our organizing skills would be tested.  It has been tested in a good way.   There have been times in the past where the community was not made aware of changes that had a dramatic impact on their quality of life.  Through the Royal Farms and MRP Industrial review process, we realized that the most valuable thing a resident can have is a seat at the table. 

We would like to thank Councilman Reisinger for making sure we were involved in the process. Before introducing a bill for rezoning, his requirement is for developers to obtain a letter of support from the community.   He will be retiring this December, and we are hopeful that his predecessor will follow the same rule when it comes to community development.

In the future, we think our organization should only offer a letter of support if there is strong support for a project.  The vote for MRP Industrial was very close.   We had a small time frame to collect votes, but we were able to pool a broad group of residents.  In 5 days, we received 58 survey results and amazing feedback.  The letter above includes the results from our survey, and a letter that was sent to all parties on behalf of the residents of Violetville.

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