Traffic Calming in Violetville

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There have been a lot of discussions regarding traffic through Violetville. The large intersection at Caton & Wilkens is sometimes confusing and avoided. As a result, a lot of drivers cut through Violetville (mostly using Haverhill & Pine Heights) to get from Baltimore County to Baltimore City or vice versa. We have followed the process and submitted traffic study requests. They either get denied or they’re approved and we don’t see a date of completion.

The denial reason we keep getting is that we “don’t have enough traffic”. Enough traffic compared to who? We don’t what the metric is BUT we get a lot of speeding on our narrow streets. WE know that its problem. WE hear people flying down the streets overnight without stopping at intersections. WE have had cars damaged. Our residents are the subject matter experts of our needs because we live here and we see what the city doesn’t see during business hours.

We were able to get a 4-way stop at Haverhill & Clarenell after fighting for it through a petition: This is extremely frustrating because we know many of you have had your cars damaged over night. There have been at least 2 incidents of pedestrians getting hit by cars and several close calls.

We have submitted some traffic calming forms. Thank you to everyone who returned their form, it definitely helps us push for traffic calming. If you are a resident of Violetville and concerned about traffic and would like to submit a traffic calming form with for your street/block email:

Another option, which seems to be faster than waiting for DOT, is to do something creative with our intersections. Graham Projects has done several traffic calming projects throughout the city to make areas safer and they look pretty cool. The bump-outs (sidewalk being used to narrow the entrance into the intersection) are a speed deterrent. Comment your thoughts below on using this as an option. Communities that go a more creative route have more control over their neighborhoods traffic.

The following is from an email that was submitted to Baltimore City on 9/24/2019. The traffic study in question has been in progress for several years

The current study number is: SR19 00372690   This is only for Pine Heights. We have had studies done at Haverhill Rd & Clarenell Rd several times.  I’m not sure how to search the study number I reported it was a few years ago.  Anything you could help us would be GREATLY appreciated by the whole community, including the school.



Every 2-way stop along Sharonleigh

Coolidge & Joh


Haverhill Rd

Pine Heights Ave

Rockhill Ave

Joh Ave

Coolidge Ave

Blind Spot due to parking

Haverhill & Benson  (most recent accident)

Need Review for whether we need clearer lines or stop signs

Corner of Coolidge and Joh Ave

Traffic Background: Cars frequently cut through community from Wilkens to Benson or to avoid the intersection at Caton & Wilkens. Violetville is also a shortcut to access the businesses along Benson and Joh Ave.  We get semi-trucks that get stuck in the community frequently.  Mostly on Coolidge, Haverhill and Greenvale.

The following map marks intersections of concern

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