Violetville Book

Violetville The History of A Neighborhood
by Fran Bartels & Hattie Ellis

Did you know that Violetville has a book?  In 2003, Fran Bartels and Hattie Ellis decided to write a book about the history of the neighborhood. They conducted extensive research and wrote this amazing 154 page book with information dating back to the 1600s.  The book includes photographs, personal stories, and a well documented timeline

violetville book


The contributors of the book include residents, Maryland Historical Society, Pratt Library, Baltimore Center for Urban Archaeology and more!  A lot of time and love went into capturing the history of Violetville. 

Fran Bartels - Author

Village of Violetville, Inc. is so happy to find Fran Bartels and learn there are more books available.   If you would like to order your own copy, please email:

Each book is $20, which includes shipping. 🙂